Prices and packages

My rates
I take care of your pet with love, passion and experience, everything is done to bring you a totally personalized and unique service to match to your needs and expectations.


 1 or 2 cats
- 1 visit per day  : 20frs / approx 30 minutes 
- 2 visits per day  : 35frs / approx 30 minutes 
- 1 wk if included in a week : 1 visit per day : 30 frs

3 to 5 cats
- 1 visit per day : 25frs / approx 30 minutes
- 2 visits per day : 40frs / approx 30 minutes
- 1 wk if included in a week : 1 visit par day 35 frs

One week end pet-sitting  : 1 visit only each day 80 chfs
Last minute pet-sitting only possible if available. 

Please note that there are single week rates, for two weeks or more, week-end days are at same price than week days but in any case there will only be one visit a day (except in case of medication)
Some of my customers also take the option of one visit every two days. We can discuss together any option but for the well being of your pet I actually refuse to come less than one every two days.

- Visit to your vet: 30frs / per hour.

- Medication oral, injections etc ... Additional 5frs ​​/ day per animal*

Visits always include cat toilet cleaning, playing, pampering and attention to your pet as well as regular news by whatsapp or viber.
It also include taking care of your letter's box and watering your plants as free additional service. 

* I would like to draw your attention to the fact that - due to my long experience as a cat breeder -  I can  without any problems give subcutaneous injections asked by the vet and I have plenty of little tricks to give medication.

Roden and birds :
- 1 visit per day : 20 frs
Please note that I can't take care of fernets

Additional Services for cats: 
Persian or angora car full grooming 30frs to 40frs following state of their furI often see owners overwhelmed by their fur and poor Persian cat eventually end up at the vet for shaving under sedatives.
 I can handle a deep fine grooming, cleaning nodes, degreasing undercoat and even a small manicure before everything gets worse.

Free (only on request) * Additional Services: 
Thanks to modern technology extras are also possible when you miss your pet while away.
Additional service charge (only on request) *: 
- An email with a new video and your pet: 5frs 
- An email with several photos and news of your pet: 5frs
 - A contact via FaceTime (iphone) or skype with the animal 5frs ​​*

* These services are carried out with pleasure following opportunity, the welfare of your pet and your peace of mind is my priority.The facetime and skype contacts are only possible with good wireless connection between the two speakers.
Additional services not related to the pet 

Because during holidays and vacations it is always important that a place seems inhabited and alive, I also could look after your letter box and the watering of your plants (upon request)... As long as you do not have a greenhouse.

During my visiting hours it is also possible for the well being of your pet that he/she get's the pleasure to have the radio during daytime.

Reiki and
Lithotherapy healing care for your pet or an animal and intuitive communication are also available, Please contact me we will discuss it together.

My terms of conditions:
Places where I come: Auvernier- Cressier- Cornaux- Colombier- Gals- Gampelen- Hauterive- Le Landeron- La Neuveville - Neuchâtel- Marin - Peseux - Saint Blaise
also Areuse- Bôle- Boudry- Bevaix- Cortaillod- Corcelles- Cormondrèche
If your place is not listed, please call to check with me.(Val de Ruz, Chx de fds etc..)
Please beware that to keep everything fair for everyone , journey fare to your place is 1frs/10km, total being on the amount of journey to be done, starting from Cornaux .
Exemple : Cornaux/Boudry one journey = 40 kil and 4frs. 
In town, ideally a parking space will be available for me, otherwise if paid parking is needed, this will be charged and the ticket will be issued as proof.

When done for extended periods (vacation), payment is made only in advance and reservation fee will be asked if you want to be sure I'm doing the job.
During regular service payments are required each week.

- Your usual vet name phone and adress will be lefts before leaving and at best a second veterinarian of your choice.

Your pet health book must be also left available in case of need.
In case of emergency you will always be notified prior to the consultation and if no contact I will always act according to the emergency with the nearest vet available at the time.

- Your pet usual food will always be in sufficient amount and accessible aswell as any necessary medication and care material.
Any shortfall will be charged and provides with the following range of options available.
Prior to leaving do not forget to check your inventory and to give me all your instructions for the well being of your pet.

Your pet sitter.
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